Your Graduate Wants a T-shirt Quilt

Your grad has been looking forward to this day for 4 years. They have made new friends and many fond memories.
Help them commemorate all these cherished memories in a custom t-shirt quilt! Your grads are getting excited to start a new chapter in their lives. Give them the graduation gift they will have for years to come!

Quilted Memories™ makes the perfect gift with all those t-shirts they have accumulated throughout the years. Give your grad the gift of a custom t-shirt quilt so they will always remember their favorite high school and college memories. At Quilted Memories™, your t-shirts keep you warm all year long!

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T-shirt quilts make perfect, unique gifts for family and friends. Do you know a recent high school or college graduate? Want to get a jump start on your Christmas gift shopping? Quilted Memories™ has got you covered!