SEWonderful Quilts™ mission is three-fold:

1. To gift SEWonderful Quilts™ to children in need.
2. To recycle fabric into SEWonderful Quilts™ with help from Volunteers
3. To keep discontinued fabric out of landfills

SEWonderful Quilts™ is an amazing organization that recycles discounted fabric into quilts, keeping it out of our landfills. They then give these quilts to children suffering with life-threatening diseases. These quilts comfort the children and reduce stress and anxiety that naturally go along with these life-threatening diseases.A portion of the proceeds from every quilt Quilted Memories™ sells goes to this thoughtful organization. At Quilted Memories™, we will continually strive to give back to those less-fortunate, and SEWonderful Quilts™ is a pioneer in giving back to the community. The partnership Quilted Memories™ and SEWonderful Quilts™ enjoys is one of mutual admiration and respect. After all, our founder still volunteers with SEWonderful Quilts™ and decided to start Quilted Memories™ with the goal of giving more than just her time back to them. Every quilt we sell helps us achieve that goal!

To learn more about SEWonderful Quilts™ please visit the link below:

SEWonderful Quilts™

**SEWonderful Quilts™ is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All information and photos included on this site are used with permission from SEWonderful Quilts™.**